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Unveiling FURA's Celebration Sapphires: An Exclusive Look into the Journey of Coloured Gemstone Jewellery

FURA Gems, a worldwide recognised coloured gemstone mining company, proudly launches its Mine-to-Market program in India.

This programme features a gorgeous collection of pink sapphire jewellery created in conjunction with world-renowned manufacturers, including Jewelex, Kama Jewellery, KGK, Laxmi Diamond, Midas Diamonds, Sanghi Jewellers, Priority Jewels, and Caara. The collection will originally be offered countrywide through six major retailers: SENCO, PNG, KHIMJI, Talla Jewellers, Abhushan Diamonds and Gold, and Batukbhai Sons Jewellery.

The choice to launch this programme in India was driven in part by the country's developing jewellery market, which is regarded as one of the fastest growing and most promising in the world, with double-digit growth expected in the coming years. Furthermore, a recent market research study commissioned by FURA Gems demonstrates the high demand in India for coloured gemstone jewellery, with 70% of jewellery consumers expressing a desire to purchase at least one item containing coloured gemstones within the next two years.

The launch is bolstered by powerful marketing that takes a digital approach to the market via an excellent video starring Saiyami Kher. Pink sapphires are positioned as the modern symbol of love for women who realise that their first relationship is with themselves, setting the groundwork and having a magical effect on all partnerships. The film's plot revolves around the concept of love, starting with self and progressing to 'all', making 'love' an everyday celebration. The campaign appeals to the modern woman's sophisticated sense of love. The advent of the pink sapphire line, coinciding with the season of love, provides a new channel for self-expression.

Shetty emphasised the company's commitment to quality and creativity, saying, "We have collaborated with eight leading Indian manufacturers to create contemporary pink sapphire jewellery designs tailored for the modern woman." Our Mine-to-Market programme ensures total traceability, giving consumers trust and confidence in their purchase."

Notably, FURA's pink sapphires are recognised by their distinctive fluorescence, which increases their colour brilliance. "Our Mozambique mines have regularly produced high-quality rubies and pink sapphires with a distinct glow that makes them highly attractive for jewellery manufacturers around the world. Geological investigations reveal that these mines provide guaranteed output for the next 50 years, making them a uniquely valuable asset for the corporation," Shetty explained.

FURA's mine-to-market programme will give its partners comprehensive marketing support, ranging from vital market research to above-the-line advertising, public relations, robust digital marketing, and below-the-line marketing, including in-store support (training and display materials).

Dev Shetty, Founder and CEO of FURA Gems, expressed his excitement about the launch of FURA Celebration Sapphires, stating, "Origin-certified Pink Sapphires present a tremendous opportunity for the Indian retail jewellery industry, catering to customers' desires for uniqueness, value, and superior quality." Pink sapphires have gained substantial market momentum globally, notably among premium manufacturers extending their collections of valuable coloured gemstone jewellery. Given India's large consumer base, which is increasingly aware of global trends, it's a natural step for FURA to expand its market presence in the region. Shetty went on to say, "India's enduring affinity for vibrant colours makes it an opportune moment to reignite their passion for precious gemstones."

"Over the following year, we intend to spend heavily in the sector alongside our jewellery partners, expanding the programme to include Australian Sapphires. As the program's starter and enabler, we will collaborate closely with the best producers and retailers to establish a strong, responsible, and traceable business," stated Rupak Sen, Chief Marketing Officer of FURA Gems.

To further enhance the mine-to-market service, each piece of jewellery is accompanied by the Provenance Proof Blockchain technology, which ensures traceability to the mine of origin and strengthens FURA's position as a reliable choice for gemstone connoisseurs.


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