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Preetika Rao, an actress, interviews Spiritual Youth Icon Jaya Kishori on her YouTube channel.

Mumbai, 7th June 2023: Preetika Rao, known for her great performances in television dramas such as "Beintehaa" on Colours and "Love Ka Hai Intezaar" on Star Plus, recently had the honor of interviewing Jaya Kishori, India's acclaimed spiritual youth icon, on her YouTube channel. Jaya Kishori went down to Mumbai for this fascinating conversation and was overjoyed to meet Preetika, who is a huge follower of her strong spiritual lecturers, such as Satsang and Kathas.

Swati Bhat

During their conversation, the actress and the spiritual motivational speaker uncovered a slew of common interests, including their spiritual outlook on life, vegetarianism, and conventional attitude to relationships. Coincidentally, Preetika and Jaya have both produced devotional songs about Lord Rama in honor of Ram Navami 2023.

"Preetika who put forth some hard-hitting questions to Jaya sent by fans touching upon sensitive issues faced by the youth today like peer-pressure-alcohol consumption, casual-dating, kids freely using foul language while playing with their friends, and toxic relationships," shared Preetika, who had been itching to interview Jaya Kishori since the start of her YouTube channel during the lockdown phase.

The actress and the spiritual motivational speaker bonded over a variety of shared interests, including their spiritual outlook on life, vegetarian lifestyle, and conventional dating approach. In honor of Ram Navami in 2023, both artists released a devotional song about Lord Rama. As a significant exception, the Motivational Speaker created her first-ever Instagram Reel in partnership with the Actress and received a lot of love from her admirers.

Preetika Rao, who is now filming a Kannada film in South India, established her YouTube channel in June, coinciding with her elder sister Amrita Rao's popular channel, 'Couple of Things,' which features her husband RJ Anmol. "It's super fun and challenging at the same time because it's like running a mini-production house where you're a 'one-man-army' - scripting, directing, editing, packaging, and publishing your own content as episodes on your own platform," Preetika communiquéd of her full-time content creation journey. It's a new-age boon for anyone interested in content development." "I see my channel as a significant part of my karma, and thus, I am very cautious about the 'type of content' I create and the kind of message I choose to convey to the world through my videos," the Beintehaa actress added. I am well aware of its ability to affect young sensitive minds, and how I choose to influence them is my most important job."

Preetika Rao's YouTube channel has quickly grown in popularity due to her insightful content and the positive impact she hopes to have on her followers.

About Preetika Rao:

Preetika Rao is a well-known actress recognized for her remarkable performances in television shows like "Beintehaa" on Colors and "Love Ka Hai Intezaar" on Star Plus. She has also ventured into content creation on her YouTube channel, where she shares engaging and influential videos.

About Jaya Kishori:

Jaya Kishori is a spiritual youth icon of India, renowned for her powerful discourses on spirituality, including Satsang and Kathas. She has inspired millions of people through her motivational talks and devotional songs.

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