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‘Naadam’ presents a vibrant glimpse into the beauty and diversity of Indian music: Director Indrajit

MIFF Campus: Indian music is rich and diverse. Music is a way of our life. The film ‘Naadam’ presents a vibrant glimpse into the beauty and diversity of Indian music, said director Indrajit Nattoji at 17th Mumbai International Film Festival today.

Swati Bhat

Addressing the #MIFFDialogue, Indrajit said “Every sound we hear is a musical note. Music is nothing but a series of notes. My daughter was seven years of old and she used to wake up at night hearing some sound. I took this idea and created a story.”

He said, uniqueness of the film is its format. “Unlike TV and normal cinema, Naadam has been shot in 1:6 frame. You can’t cover the whole screen at one go. So therefore the film was shot in a way where the sound guides you where to look at. It was a tremendously challenging project”, he added.

About the film: Naadam

Director : Indrajit Nattoji

Producer : Indrajit Nattoji

Animator : Upasana Nattoji Roy

Sound Designer : Anish Gohil

Director's bio

Indrajit Nattoji is a graduate from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, specialized in Film and Graphic Design. He is an award- winning director, writer and producer. He owns a production house named Blink Pictures since 22 years. He has conceptualised and created two large-scale film installations for the Indian Music Experience Museum in Bangalore. He is also a good painter and has exhibited his paintings in art galleries in Kolkata and Mumbai. Indrajit has also directed feature films like Aagey se Right and Aafat-e-ishq.


Shruti, a young girl, wakes up disturbed and scared by the sounds of the night. Her mother comforts her by showing that every sound is a musical note. Made for the Indian Music Experience, India's First permanent interactive museum of Indian Music, the film is designed to play in a 180 degree immersive circular projection, a vibrant glimpse into the beauty and diversity of the Indian music.


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