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MIFF 2022 Technical Award Winners in Cinematography, Sound Designing and Editing

MIFF Campus: June, 04 2022: The 17th Mumbai International Film festival (#MIFF2022) has also announced the technical awards in three categories; i.e. Cinematography, Sound Designing and Editing. Each awardee will receive a cash amount of Rs 1,50,000/- along with trophy and certificate.

Pritish Bagdi

Best Cinematography(award shared by Bernarda Corenjo Pinto & Rafeeq Ellias)

  • Bernarda Corenjo Pinto (Germany) for ‘Among Us Women’

“Cinematographer plays an important role in the story telling in "Among Us Women". The candid style of shooting and captivating imagery with available natural light is the pulse of the film”, observes the jury.

  • Rafeeq Ellias (India) for ‘If Memory Serves Me Right’

“The Award for the Best Cinematographer is given to Rafeeq Ellias for ‘If Memory Serves Me Right’ for his use of strong visuals made possible by his extensive use of an informal handheld camera which creates an instant empathy for the main character”, cites the jury.

Best Sound Design(award shared by Jose Rommer and Pritam Das)

  • Jose Rommer (Panama) for ‘For Your Peace of Mind, Make Your Own Museum’

“The sensitive characteristics use of sound in "Make Your Own Museum" makes it a masterly creation. It is through the sound track that film maker captured the intimacy of the protagonist and her world”, the jury comments

  • Pritam Das (India) for ‘Kicking Balls’

“The outstanding work done by Pritam Das in the film ‘Kicking Balls’ has presented the story as an amazing experience to the audience.”, observes jury.

Best Editing(award shared by S. Shanmuganathan & Sajed P C)

  • S. Shanmuganathan (India) for ‘Dhobi Ghat’

“Through the creative and lively editing, the editor structures the rhythm of life in Dhobi Ghat. He captures the life and also the uncertainty looming large on the inhabitants,” cites the jury.

  • Sajed P C (India) for ‘Bamboo Ballads’

“The Award for the Best Editor is given to Sajed P C for ‘Bamboo Ballads’ for his crisp and seamless editing which helps to evenly pace out the film thus adding to its overall finesse”, observes jury.


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