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Top 10 Big Announcements from Google for India 2022 Event

Here are the top 10 big announcements from Google for India 2022 event that you should know

Pritish Bagdi

  1. Multi Search in Google Lens: On Google Lens, you can now add text in addition to images. You will achieve the desired goals faster as a result. For instance, even though your photo is of a dress, it may appear to the uninitiated as a piece of fabric because of the manner it was taken. To tell Google Lens that this piece of clothing is a dress, write “dress.”

  2. Search in Video for YouTube: Just below the YouTube video frame, there will be a “Search in Video” option. You can use the video “How to Save on Online Medicine Ordering?” as an example to choose platforms that are appropriate for you.

  3. Improved Hinglish Speech Recognition: Given the growth of voice search and its promising future, Google has improved Hinglish speech recognition. This capability will be incredibly helpful going forward as voice search among Hindi-speaking users grows in popularity.

  4. DigiLocker access in Files by Google: All of your DigiLocker documents are now accessible through the Files by Google app. The software also includes family spaces to separate the documents of various family members. To open, the lock screen must be unlocked.

  5. Google Pay – Google has utilized a “deep learning” technology to improve the fraud detection capabilities of Google Pay. It uses its AI algorithms to analyse transaction patterns to look for potential fraud. Google Pay will notify you via notice and vibration if you encounter such a situation.

  6. Google Translator: Google Search will now translate webpages to the preferred Indian language based on the search query

  7. Google Certifications: In partnership with Coursera has announced new Career Certificates for IT Automation, Project Management, Data Analytics, and UX Design.

  8. Google partnership – Google has partnered with Byju’s to make learning easier for students with the Practice Problem feature on Search for subjects such as Maths, Physics, and Chemistry.

  9. Partnership with Pollution Control – It has partnered with Pollution Control Board & IMD to bring the latest Air Quality Information and Weather Alerts to Google.

  10. Helps Merchants – To help merchants, Google has announced MyShop, where merchants using Gpay can easily add images, descriptions, and prices of their business.

Big announcements from the ‘Google For India 2022’ event are exciting everyone. Company officials from Google announced several new products, projects, and innovations at its annual Google for India event. In conversation with Ashwini Vaishnaw, Union Minister for Railways, Meity, and Communications, CEO Sundar Pichai was also present on stage. To advance India’s digital economy, Google company unveiled new AI-based solutions and several new relationships with Indian brands.

Google Cloud’s Bikram Bedi took the podium to discuss the cloud computing services offered by the company. Elizabeth Reid, Google’s VP of search, succeeded Bedi. Following Reid, the managing director of YouTube India, Ishan John Chatterjee, discussed YouTube Courses. Google VP Royal Hansen took the stage after Chatterjee in Google for India 2022 event. The event’s opening remarks were given by Sanjay Gupta, president of Google India, who discussed the company’s plans to invest in women-led businesses and its India Digitization Fund 2020. Director of Google Research India Manish Gupta discussed the company’s initiatives to provide AI solutions for the nation.

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