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The Apple iPhone 15 Pro is rumoured to have no buttons

As 2023 kicks off, Apple rumors for the upcoming iPhone models are surfacing full speed ahead.

Pritish Bagdi

Apple officilal

According to a recent MacRumors report, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro will have "solid-state volume and power buttons." Kuo explains the possibility that the newest iPhone model will adopt a button similar to the home button design from the iPhone 7/8/SE2, replacing the physical, mechanical button design, in a tweet from October 2022. Kuo explained that it would provide haptic feedback when the buttons were pressed using two additional Taptic Engines, without the buttons actually moving. It'd be similar to the Force Touch trackpad found in recent MacBooks.

The logic behind solid-state buttons is that they would allow the iPhone to be more water resistant by removing additional moving parts that would wear out or break over time. This change is expected to be limited to the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, but if successful, Kuo believes the update will be available on the iPad Pro and even the Apple Watch Ultra. As is customary, the iPhone 15 lineup will be released in September.

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