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Suit Shorts are surely the 'IN THING'

If one piece of clothing defined men's tailoring for SS24, it was the suit short, a sleek addition to the bottoms category that brought a modern update to formalwear. While some men may regard a shift to short suits as fairly brazen, the piece has been universally welcomed by designers, with several continuing to endorse the 'daring' clothing in their male lines season after season.

Appearance is less contentious in womenswear, with women generally accepting the summer-friendly style.

Suit Shorts

Karl Lagerfeld official

Short suits, contrary to the traditional blazer and pant combo, allow for more breathability and provide a cooler option for hot days. They have also become more genderless over time, appearing in both menswear and womenswear ensembles - albeit the latter considers the item to be more of a mainstay. Their rebirth in menswear, on the other hand, has been mostly driven by the increasing 'preppy' trend, which has been widely adopted by companies such as Louis Vuitton and Dsquared2, where collegiate-inspired clothing has been thrust to the forefront.


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