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Soho House launches skincare line for members

Membership platform Soho House has launched a new genderless skincare line for its members, with technical formulations rooted in science.

Swati Bhat

A total of 11 products make up the Soho Skin collection, including a cream cleanser, serum, face cream and lip balm, each of which can currently be used in Soho House bedrooms and purchased from June, with a wider launch set to drop in October.

All formulas are vegan, cruelty and silicone-free and made in the UK, the organisation said in a release, designed using feedback from its members and developed together with a British cosmetic scientist.

The core formulation used throughout several of the products, called The Soho Skin Concentrate, aims to restore energy and regenerate skin structure, utilising glycogen, pistacia lentiscus gum and lactococcus ferment lysate to achieve this goal.

According to the global creative group, the products have been created in line with the values and livelihoods of its members, offering them a simple routine for their modern lifestyle.

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