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Simple ways to achieve a light summer make-up look

Summer has arrived! And dealing with the sweltering heat is a task in and of itself. But have you considered switching up your beauty routine for a new summer makeup look? With summer in full swing, it's time to consider some summer makeup looks. So here are some simple summer makeup tips to help you beat the humidity and heat. Simple ways to achieve a light summer make-up look.

Swati Bhat

*Use moisturiser/Sunscreen: Use a tinted moisturiser or sunscreen to set your makeup and concealer. Sunscreen is essential during the summer season. The tinted cream will serve as a foundation and will even out your skin tone for a bright appearance.

*Use Water Proof Make-up: Invest in good quality water-resistant mascara and liner. The best part is that you won't have to worry about liner and mascara running off your face due to humidity or sweat. It will also provide smudge-proof eyes.

*Use a Bronzer: A bronzer can be used to achieve a natural and neutral appearance. It also gives the appearance of a tan. Bronzer tan appearances are popular and look great on all skin tones. It helps to brighten your look.

*Cheek-to-cheek Make up: To highlight your cheeks, lips, and eyelids, use a single neutral shade. It will not only keep your bag light, but it will also give you a monochromatic look that is ideal for the summer season.

*Use less Make-up: Apply less makeup. To avoid the claggy look, avoid using powder blush. Have the right tools to help you apply your makeup equally so it doesn't run on your face when the heat strikes. The best way to have a radiant summer is to invest in skincare essentials that will make your skin look naturally healthy and happy.


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