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@SCO discussion of 'Transcending Boundaries, Inventing Culture & Secret to India's rising population

Several panels today at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Film Festival featured seasoned professionals from the motion picture industry. Discussions on topics ranging from music to animation to intellectual property issues were held in addition to the film screenings.

Pritish Bagdi

The day began with a screening of 'The Last Film Show,' a Gujarati film. 'Mom, I'm Alive!' was also shown. Under the competition section, Kazakhstan's Podelniki (The Riot), Russia's Podelniki (The Riot), China's 'B for Busy,' and Marathi film 'Godavari' compete.

The first panel session of the day was titled "Animation for Creating Infinite Worlds." The panellists, Jayakumar Prabhakaran, CEO of Toonz Animation, and Munjal Shroff, Director of Graphiti Multimedia, discussed their individual experiences in the Indian animation sector. The panellists also talked on the social effects of the constant cultural invention that both film and television engage in.

Veteran actor Asha Pareksh participated in an In-Conversation discussion on "Indian Cinema's Rising Popularity in the SCO region" with renowned filmmakers Rahul Rawail and Ramesh Sippy. The panellists talked about cross-cultural influences in film as well as what makes Indian movie so endearing. According to Ramesh Sippy, the simplicity of movie characters allowed for the blurring of lines. Rahul Rawail ascribed the appeal of Indian cinema to its timelessness, while Asha Parekh mentioned music as the cause of these linkages.

The day came to a close with a "Fire side chat" session with Kazakh musician and composer Dimash Kudaibergen, titled "Breaking Barriers." Following his captivating account of his own ascent to fame, Dimesh Kudaibergen said, "Music is in essence a language that transcends boundaries." The session and the day came to a close with Dimash Kudaibergen performing the popular Bollywood song "Jimmy Jimmy" from the movie Disco Dancer to thunderous acclaim.

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