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Parsons shares the outcomes of the first Roblox design course in a showcase.

The Parsons School of Design at The New School will display the work of students who took part in the school's inaugural collaborative course with the metaverse platform Roblox. The digital fashion creations will be displayed during the school's Roblox Course Preliminary Showcase, which will take place in the Welcome Centre of its New York City campus.

Pritish Bagdi

Roblox Course Preliminary Showcase, Roblox x Parsons School of Design. Image: Roblox

The show will feature 3D digital clothes made for the metaverse by students who took the course, which lasted 16 weeks and focused on investigating trends and designing digital designs.

Three interactive experiences addressing the issue will be available within the area, and the students' work will also be available for purchase via Roblox's Marketplace.

Kyle Li, assistant professor of communication design and technology at Parsons, stated in a press release that the designs on display demonstrated how students drew inspiration from diverse creative backgrounds and pushed the boundaries of what was achievable with metaverse-only clothes.

"This is a new milestone for user-generated content and digital fashion design at the University," Li noted, "and our students are at the very forefront of it."

Through their licencing partnership, Parsons and Roblox stated that they would continue to collaborate to increase access to design education.

The current collaboration expands on Parsons' 'The New School's N Ventures' venture, which seeks to increase access to design learning through collaborations with organisations and learning programmes.

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