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Paris FW24: Indian Designer Rahul Mishra's collection "Superheroes" draws inspiration from the insect kingdom & those on the point of extinction

Paris [France], January 22, 2024: Actress Ananya Panday turned eyeballs with her showstopper gown for ace designer Rahul Mishra at the ongoing Paris Haute Couture Week 2024.

Swati Bhat

RM writes on his Insta post the show, Dragonflies, in rich diversity, has thrived on Earth for millions of years. ‘Superheroes’ draws attention to the nuances of sharing life with species of reptiles and insects that share the environment with us. In pursuit of building our lives on the planet, we may have taken over their habitats and driven them to extinction.

Ananya walked the ramp in a butterfly sieve dress. Essentially, she carried a sieve embellished with butterfly designs in her hands. It appears to be linked to a black mini-dress underneath.


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