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25th May, 2023 Mumbai: Following the huge success of his previous releases "Perfy" and "Hasti Rahe Tu," dox is back with the third song off his much-anticipated EP, "The Unknown Letter." Paradox has established himself as a rising star in the music industry, thanks to his role in MTV Hustle 2.0. With his latest tune, "Sirhaana," Paradox shows that he can experiment with music and stretch the boundaries of rap.

Pritish Bagdi

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"The Unknown Letter" is a three-track concept EP that demonstrates Paradox's extraordinary ability to merge numerous musical styles effortlessly. "Perfy," the opening song, beautifully conveys the immense joy and butterflies in the stomach that come with finding the ideal match. Following that, the rapper's hopeless romanticism is explored in the second song, "Hasti Rahe Tu," which goes into the complications of a dysfunctional relationship. The concluding piece in this conceptual voyage, "Sirhaana," takes listeners on a profound study of sadness and loneliness.

"Sirhaana" demonstrates Paradox's musical prowess as he delivers hard-hitting words against a backdrop of orchestral sounds, providing listeners with a genuinely cinematic experience. With each tune, Paradox captivates his audience, leaving them wanting more.

Reflecting on the EP, Paradox shared, "The Unknown Letter holds a special place in my heart, and I am thrilled that the entire EP is now available for everyone. I am immensely grateful for the overwhelming response we received for 'Perfy' and 'Hasti Rahe Tu,' and I hope to receive the same love for 'Sirhaana.' It is my sincerest desire to do justice to the people who have patiently awaited this song, and I extend my heartfelt thanks to Def Jam India for their unwavering support throughout this journey."

"The Unknown Letter" EP is now accessible on all major streaming sites, including YouTube. Don't miss out on this musical adventure with Paradox as he reveals his honest emotions and narrative abilities via his art.


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