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Meet Ramsha Sultan, a Hijabi Influencer in India

Know how an MBA reshaped herself into a Motivational Speaker?

Motivational speaker and content creator Ramsha Sultan who gained loads of popularity on Social media at a very young age and has conquered everyone's heart through her personality. Ramsha Sultan is a popular YouTuber who earned over 2 million followers on her channel known for content related to Islamic Motivational Videos for the Youth, Beauty & Lifestyle. She has been recognized for her contributions to promoting Islamic culture and is considered a role model for many young Muslims around the world.

Swati Bhat

Ramsha's love and affection for her culture have kept her in touch with her fans. The audience had the opportunity to learn more about Islamic culture and the laws and regulations that must be followed on a daily basis. She began as a beauty influencer, offering home remedies on her channel as well as her experiences and the benefits of wearing a hijab. Soon after, this young girl realised that her actual passion is in generating content that not only demonstrates her love for Islam but also helps people connect with their emotions. Her content focuses on human mental health and emotional well-being. Ramsha's Ramadan series in Hindi immediately went viral and was widely shared, providing hope and inspiration to her audience. Her capacity to transcend the emotional and religious divides has made her a well-known personality in the Muslim world. Ramsha was also named a YouTube 'Next Up Women to Watch' winner, one of just 12 females to get this honour. Ramsha has over 200 brands under her belt and an MBA in Marketing and International Business. She also launched India's first hijab brand, which has an annual sales of Rs 1 crore. Her success as a content creator and entrepreneur illustrates her commitment to empowering women and promoting entrepreneurship.

Speaking about her journey, Ramsha shared, “I am truly grateful for the love and support I constantly receive from millions of people worldwide and I am amazed to see the massive impact that my videos have made! I consider this popularity as a big responsibility and I try to use my influence in a positive way. Over these years, I have shattered many stereotypes associated with Muslim Women and Islam. My motivational content is mainly focused to uplift people going through tough times and the spiritual aspect of my videos help people in navigating the stress and anxiety in life. I try to give Hope to Humans and inspire them to become better versions of themselves. I am on a journey of knowledge and I want to inspire as many lives as possible in this generation and the next.”


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