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Mark Zuckerberg takes Meta a step further with launch of advanced headsets

Mark Zuckerberg has revealed a new line of advanced headsets, taking his company Meta into the next stage of metaverse-based development.

Swati Bhat

During a Meta Connect event, Zuckerberg and guests discussed virtual reality’s (VR) future through presentations and later revealed the new device, Meta Quest Pro, which aims to bring together the physical and digital worlds.

The headset is available to pre-order now and will begin shipping on October 25, with a price of just under 1,500 dollars.

In a release, Meta, formerly Facebook, said the device was its first in a new line of advanced headsets built to expand on the possibilities of virtual and mixed reality.

It comes in an intentionally reduced size, with a curved battery pack, full-colour visuals, high-resolution outward-facing cameras and inward-facing sensors to capture facial expressions and eye tracking.

The sensors will be applied to a person’s avatar, which will also simultaneously adopt facial expressions, in a bid to improve social presence.

Alongside an array of other new features, Meta also previewed its next generation of Meta Avatars, including that of full-body avatars in VR.

Many of its improvements ensure a more inclusive experience for users, with additional body types and skin shades to also be added for representation purposes.

Meta’s Avatar Store will also be launching in VR later this year, allowing users to shop virtual clothing, which the company has developed through partnerships across sports, entertainment and fashion.

The company has already revealed collaborative collections with the likes of Prada, Balenciaga and Thom Browne.

Meta said it hopes to develop this marketplace for interoperable digital goods, allowing an item to be worn on any app.


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