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Leading nutritionists & fitness pros will assist people in creating a fitness plan through Fit India

Fit India Movement, a flagship program of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. The programme starts from 8th January until 26th February, 2023 on the official Instagram and YouTube handles of Fit India, every Sunday at 11am. The first series of 8 talks have been titled Fit India Healthy Hindustan

Pritish Bagdi

In celebration of the New Year, the Fit India Movement, a centrepiece initiative of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, will debut a new web series called "Fit India-Sunday Talks." Starting on January 8 and running through February 26 of 2023, Fit India will host an online discussion show with renowned fitness gurus and Fit India icons at 11 a.m. on Sundays. Fit India Healthy Hindustan is the name of the first series of eight speeches.

The Fit India Sunday Talks aim to raise awareness of the value of fitness, a good diet, and mental wellbeing across all age groups, particularly seniors, in line with Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi's ambition to build a fit nation.

The Fit India Healthy Hindustan panelists include Luke Coutinho (Lifestyle Expert), Ryan Fernando, Heena Bhimani (Nutritionist) and Sangram Singh (Wrestler/Motivational Speaker). Speaking about the initiative, Sangram Singh said, "The Fit India Healthy Hindustan Program is a commendable initiative of the government and everyone should join this campaign and take benefit from it. According to me, the richest and most complete person in life is the one whose body is healthy. Through these talks, I will share some basic natural methods which people can easily adopt to stay fit at all ages." Nutritionist Ryan Fernando continues, "With the Fit India Movement, citizens now have access to various health-related resources and guidance, which has enabled them to make informed decisions about their health. He will also discuss other aspects of overall wellbeing in his session, including the significance of getting the right amount of sleep to stay fit. With the correct information, the Fit India Healthy Hindustan series aims to further empower the populace.

There will also be a section where experts will discuss why 2023 should be recognised as the International Year of Millets.

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