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Introducing Molfa Music: Ipop's Rising Star is Highlighted by Jugaad Motion Pictures' Cutting-Edge

"Jadui Pari" catapults Raman Sharma to new heights, solidifying his status as an Ipop phenomenon.

Raman Sharma "Jadui Pari"

Jugaad Motion Pictures, a famous production studio known for its unique approach to filmmaking, is pleased to announce the debut of Molfa Music, its music label. They are known for creating clutter-breaking music videos for notable Indian musicians such as Ritviz's "Sage" & "Liggi", Prateek Kuhad's "cold/mess"& "Kasoor", and KSHMR's "Bombay Dreams" alongside worldwide music companies such as Spinnin Records, Sony Music, Universal Music, and Electra Records.

Rohin Bachwani will lead Molfa Music's business, using his knowledge of worldwide music business and marketing to help usher in a new era for Indian pop music. Dar Gai will serve as president and creative director, and Dheer Momaya and Pranit Sahni will act as co-CEOs of this new enterprise.

Robach's existing label services systems and administrative teams will support the label's distribution through The Orchard's broad network.

Along with critical acclaim, the music videos have received over 600 million views on YouTube (and other streaming platforms), making them fan favourites among the subcontinent's younger viewers. The music video for "cold/mess" was named "Music Video of the Year" by The Rolling Stone magazine, and it was afterwards shared by Barack Obama (via his social media pages) as one of his favourite songs of the year in 2019. They've also made music videos for Sanjay Leela Bhansali's "Tujhe Bhai Chand," Amit Trivedi's "Madhubala," and Deepika Padukone's blockbuster songs "Doobey" and "Gehrayiaan." They recently broke another record when their feature film "Chhello Show" was nominated as India's entry to the Oscars, becoming the first major Indian film to be shortlisted in 21 years. Molfa Music's initial release, "Jadui Pari," composed and sung by the incredibly gifted Raman Sharma, aims to revolutionise the music industry by fostering fresh talent and distinctive sounds.

Molfa Music emerges as a platform dedicated to training and presenting emerging musicians, singers, and composers, while also fostering an environment for artistic expression and innovation. The label's mission is to break down barriers, identify new voices, and provide excellent music that resonates with listeners all around the world.

"Jadui Pari," the first release, is a mesmerising song that seamlessly integrates traditional components with new sounds, providing a thrilling musical experience. Raman Sharma, a talented musician recognised for his ability to weave enchantment with his songs, has put his heart and soul into this wonderful song. "Jadui Pari" transports listeners on a fantastic voyage through a realm of wonder and dreams.

The song dives into a fictitious relationship dynamic that addresses the nuances of two people growing apart as they pursue separate courses in life and are impacted by disparate experiences. Regardless of the difficulties they endure, the song portrays these complex feelings and thoughts on a cheerful, optimistic beat, highlighting the unusual blending of conflicting aspects.

With "Jadui Pari," Raman Sharma conquers the Ipop music scene, inviting listeners on a musical trip that warms their hearts, sparks their imagination, and prompts them to ponder on the delicate dynamics of relationships.

Speaking about the launch of Molfa Music, the Head of Creative / President - Dar Gai, expressed her excitement, saying, "We are thrilled to introduce Molfa Music to the world. Our vision is to discover and promote exceptional talent, with strong storytelling as the core of our philosophy. Raman Sharma is the kind of talent that can totally disrupt the music scene, and speak to the next generation of audiences, which are the biggest demographic of consumers today."

Raman Sharma, the brilliant mind behind "Jadui Pari," shared his enthusiasm for being a part of Molfa Music."I am incredibly grateful to Molfa Music for believing in my music, I’m sure we’re going to create some epic stuff together. 'Jadui Pari' is a song very close to my heart, and I can't wait for the audience to experience its magic. Molfa Music is the perfect platform for artists like me to express myself and find my audience.” he said.

Molfa Music is dedicated to offering a diverse range of musical genres, nurturing raw talent, and providing artists with the resources and guidance needed to flourish in the music industry. By combining Jugaad Motion Pictures' expertise in the entertainment industry and its passion for innovation, Molfa Music is set to redefine the music landscape.

Just like Korea has been able to create a global market for K-pop and with the massive dominance of Afro-Beats and Latino Pop, there is no reason why India should not have its own genre of global music. The next generation of artists from the country have built themselves on streaming platforms, and understand the kind of storytelling which will appeal to a global audience. We expect the emergence of Indian-Pop/I-pop, which will be different from Bollywood/film music and will capture the imaginations of young people across the planet.

"Jadui Pari" by Raman Sharma is available on all major music streaming platforms. Audiences can anticipate a delightful auditory experience that transcends boundaries and brings them into the realm of enchantment.

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