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In single day Photojournalists experience multiple worlds

“There is no exclusive news in today's world of sensationalism”, said Vikram Patwardhan, director of the film Frame. He added that, with introduction of technology in photo-making, the photojournalism as a profession has had a paradigm shift in recent times.

Pritish Bagdi

While interacting with the media and festival delegates at one of the ‘Table Talks’ sessions being organized by PIB on the side-lines of the 53rd International Film Festival of India in Goa, Vikram Patwardhan said Frame is about the life of a photojournalist who believes in the idea that a photojournalist’s dharma is to report an event as it is, without distorting, to the people.

Explaining about the life of a photojournalist from his work experience, he said “Photojournalists live in multiple different worlds in a day and they are literally undergoing variety of experiences every day.” He added that he wanted to portray the challenges faced by a photojournalist using his own work experience.

Speaking about the journey of making of this film, Vikram Patwardhan said that the team work was immaculate, which made the journey of Frame making a breeze. He added that as his team was well-knit, they finished the entire movie shoot in twenty days.

The movie revolves around the protagonist, a middle aged photojournalist Chandu Pansare (CP) who believes in the idea ‘Just like our profession, our life is also an art; and there is no format for any art’. His beliefs come in conflict when his professional ethics and duty towards society as an individual come in conflict with each other. The newly appointed young photojournalist Siddharth Deshmukh is being mentored by CP and the former is at disagreement with later about professional ethics.

About the movie

Director: Vikram Patwardhan

Producer: Zee Studios, Aatpaat

Screenplay: Vikram Patwardhan

Cinematographer: Milind Joag

Editor: Kutub Inamdar

Cast: Nagraj Manjule, Amey Wagh, Mugdha Godse, Akshaya Gurav

2021 | Marathi | Colour | 118 mins.

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