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Google Assistant might soon recognize your voice even better

Washington [US], May 29: Potential plans for improving the Google Assistant feature have been revealed after a comprehensive dissection of the Google app for Android.

Swati Bhat

According to GSM Arena, it's interesting to see that Google is taking another big step towards improving its smart assistant experience. It seems that if users opt-in for an improved Google Assistant experience, the system will store and analyze your own voice for a more 'Personalized speech recognition' to improve response time and accuracy. The assistant will also have access to Google's servers, where summaries of other users' speech models will be aggregated and analyzed. The feature will likely allow more advanced recognition of commands and contact names. As per GSM Arena, it's believed that Google will leave an option in the settings to opt-out of the personalized speech recognition if you don't wish your voice to be stored anywhere.

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