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Gigi Hadid debuts DTC cashmere brand at New York Fashion Week

Gigi Hadid has launched a direct to consumer (DTC) cashmere brand, with a popup at New York Fashion Week.

Swati Bhat

Guest in Residence via Facebook

The model-cum-designer is the creative director behind the new label, which is called Guest in Residence, and is designed “with time in mind, to create future heirlooms made to last.”

The collection features everyday cashmere basics, such as hoodies, joggers, socks and tops in saturated colours, like a polo with an apple green sleeve and bright orange and yellow plackets. Most items are priced under 400 dollars.

In August Ms Hadid posted on her Instagram to say she was working on her new label. In an interview with Vogue she stated the brand was three years in the making.

While Ms Hadid did not reveal if the brand is backed by private equity or other financiers, she did enlist Sijeo Kim, a former knitwear designer at The Row and Theory, as the brand’s Design Director. According to LinkedIn there are 8 members of staff, including VPs of marketing, merchandising, production, operations and e-commerce.

Headquartered in New York, Guest in Residence debuted with a popup in SoHo during New York Fashion Week. It launches in the U.S. on September 7th and internationally from September 12th.


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