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Fall/Winter 2022 women's accessory trends

Mumbai [India], May 15: Trendstop brings The Communiqué readers an insight into the essential women’s accessories trends from the Fall Winter 2022-23 international runways.

Swati Bhat

Pic Courtesy: Trendstop

Fall Winter accessories focus on quality and craftsmanship, incorporating a novel and innovative approach that reflects consumer desire for highly considered design. Functional yet beautiful, accessories incorporate vintage references, eco-conscious values and the comfort-factor in an optimistic, forward-thinking way.

Recycled, Reinvent, Reuse

An innovative new generation of accessories utilise waste materials and components in fresh creative ways. Belt buckles become earrings, leather jackets are transformed into day bags and utilitarian outerwear pieces, no longer able to be worn in their original form, become functional hood/scarf hybrids. Following a premium DIY aesthetic, accessories created using deadstock appeal to the eco-conscious consumer and delight with clever repurposing.

Playful Cosy Accessories

Super soft and comfortable, cosy accessories adopt an optimistic outlook through the playful use of colour, texture, and materials. The oversized proportions of scarves, wraps, and headwear introduce an element of fun whilst enveloping and protecting the wearer. Soft knits, fleece and extreme padding enhance exaggerated proportions but with premium qualities and a new sense of refinement that offers a more luxurious feel.

Redesigned Vintage Pieces

Vintage era pieces are reworked for the modern age as designers take the best of premium, considered designs of the past and fuse it with contemporary constructions and technology. Refined, elegant forms, smooth surfaces utilise the highest quality materials with subtle use of artisanal touches. Attention to detail and craftsmanship come to the fore, coupled with clever design twists that appeal to today’s consumer.

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