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Big Eyes Coin recorded one of the most impressive presale runs in recent years

After almost a year of bear territory, the crypto market is finally ready to travel north. And while it is still a bit premature to talk about the bull run, we can see some positive prospects for the future. Many cryptos have been trading in the green territory in the past month, and if the current pace remains unchanged, the bull run will be just around the corner.

Pritish Bagdi

Although the current market conditions are far from ideal, some projects have exceeded expectations and risen to the very top of the food chain. Most notably, Big Eyes Coin has been smashing its ongoing presale run, recording more than USD 21 million in the bank. In today's editorial, we will see why this juggernaut project enjoys massive success in the bear market and if Avalanche and Axie Infinity can remain up north.

Big Eyes Coin:

When Presale Is King Against all odds, Big Eyes Coin has continued its impressive presale run, dominating the crypto Game from top to bottom. Not many projects in the history of crypto succeeded in the bear market to amass more than USD 21 million after nine presale stages. While Big Eyes Coin is technically a meme token, the project offers much more than a vibrant community around it. Namely, there are options for staking the platform's native token BIG if you are into DeFi. But if you are not a liquidity mercenary, then there is always an option to trade and flip everyone's favourite NFTs, which are expected to arrive very soon. The presale is selling fast, so be sure to check this project out before it's too late.


The Flexible Ethereum Competitor Avalanche is a platform designed by Ava Labs that enables anybody to create multi-functional blockchains and decentralized applications (dApps) with ease. Avalanche was developed to address some of the limitations of the OG blockchain platforms, including slow transactions, apparent centralization, and scalability. In order to achieve greatness, the Avalanche consensus protocol promises low latency, high throughput capabilities, and resistance to 51 per cent attacks. According to DeFi Llama, since the DeFi boom of 2020, the project has grown to become the third-largest blockchain by total value locked (TVL) after Ethereum and the BNB Chain. With DeFi making a comeback this year, everyone who loves decentralized finances should know that Avalanche is coming to take names.

Axie Infinity:

To Metaverse and Beyond There is a reason why Axie has been among the top cryptos to trade in the green territory this month. When the metaverse boom started, Axie was the first game to truly dominate the virtual gaming landscape. While the premise of the game is very reminiscent of the OG pokemon gameplay, additional features like staking the platform's native token AXS opens more opportunities for people who enjoy Fi more than the game in the term GameFi. In 2021, there was a time when a big chunk of the population of the Philippines was earning passive income while playing the Axie arcade. If you are into cute little beasts, battles and an open world, don't miss out on the opportunity to check this game out.


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