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Yves Saint Laurent files series of metaverse trademarks

Yves Saint Laurent has filed for a number of trademark applications hinting that the French luxury brand could be next in line to join the metaverse. According to the trademark applications, YSL is setting out to cover its name and logo within the realm of non-fungible token (NFT) and metaverse.

Pritish Bagdi

Yves Saint Laurent Museum, Morocco. Image: Unsplash

The applications mainly centre around beauty and skincare, and include virtual goods to be used in the metaverse, and downloadable multimedia files authenticated by NFTs.

Additionally, filings also cover that of online and physical retail store services that would house virtual goods and products.

Each of the applications include elements such as artwork, perfumery, toiletries, cosmetics, make-up, skincare, face and body care preparations, and hair care.

On entry, YSL will join a string of luxury brands already marking their place in the metaverse, using it as a new avenue to connect with a younger generation of buyers.

The likes of Gucci and Tommy Hilfiger have already set up an established place in this field, both opening permanent branded experiences within open world platform Roblox and adopting a number of digital fashion initiatives into their operations.

Beauty brands are also getting in on the gig, a sector that is particularly being led by conglomerates L’Oréal and Estée Lauder which have each invested heavily into the digital realm.


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