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With the release of "This Is Punjab" Ellde Fazilka honours the rich cultural heritage of Punjab.

The eagerly awaited new song "This Is Punjab" by acclaimed singer-songwriter Ellde Fazilka, who is recognised for his distinctive fusion of traditional Punjabi music and contemporary rap beats, has been made available. The song pays heartfelt homage to Punjab's rich cultural heritage and traditions and exhibits Ellde's distinctive fusion of Punjabi folk and contemporary rap music.

Swati Bhat

This Is Punjab's honest Punjabi lyrics and evocative beat will make you consider your ancestry. The song video, which was entirely filmed in Punjab, honours the state's hard-working citizens while showcasing the natural beauty of the region. The music video not only depicts the rich history of Punjab but also the contemporary Punjab and its goals. The music video frequently features provocative elements like huge Rubicon jeeps, classic cafe racer motorcycles, and high fashion.

The most recent album by Ellde is a passionate declaration on the Northern state's colourful past and its brash youth. The song, which features the bass pounding forcefully against the historical folk instrument "Algoze" from the Punjab, is a celebration of all things Punjabi, including food, language, music, and dancing.

"This Is Punjab," which Ellde Fazilka himself produced, wrote, and engineered, is proof of his prodigious talent and love for music.

Ellde expressed his enthusiasm for the arrival of "It brings me tremendous joy to share "This Is Punjab" with the world and pay homage to the rich cultural heritage of Punjab, " the singer of the song This Is Punjab said. We have been given a great platform by Def Jam India, and I hope that this song will encourage listeners to learn more about the customs of this lovely country."

Ellde Fazilka and the people of Punjab are equally excited about the release of "This Is Punjab." The song honours the vibrant traditions of the Punjabi people and encourages listeners all around the world to experience these customs through Ellde's moving music.

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