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We can't keep one language at forefront: Ayushmann Khurrana on Hindi language row

New Delhi [India], May 25: Actor Ayushmann Khurrana has urged people to acknowledge all languages of India with the utmost respect.

Swati Bhat

In an interaction with ANI, the 'Article 15' star weighed in on the ongoing Hindi as a national language debate. "We really can't keep one language at the forefront... India is not that country (to have one language at the forefront). We have multiple languages, multiple religions, regions, communities, and ethnicities..Each language is equally important.

We should give equal importance to each language of our nation," Ayushmann said. According to him, "hearts need to be one" despite different languages. "Bhashaye chahe anek hai par dil ek hone chayiye," Ayushmann emphasised.

Interestingly, his upcoming socio-political drama 'Anek' also highlights the need of stopping people to classify others on the basis of language -- especially in a nation wherein dialect and culture change every few kilometers. Last month, the makers unveiled the film's trailer that showed Ayushmann conversing with a man who belongs to Telangana. In the clip, Ayushmann asked the man why he thinks of him as North Indian.

When the man said that it is probably because his Hindi is clean, Ayushmann replied, "So Hindi decides who is from the North and the South?" When the man responded no, Ayushmann said, "So, it's not about Hindi, either!" 'Anek', which will be out on May 27, is helmed by Anubhav Sinha. It features Ayushmann as an undercover cop who is on a mission to restore peace in the Northeastern region of India. Model Andrea Kevichusa, who hails from Nagaland, is making her acting debut with the film.

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