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Union Minister L. Murugan Presents The Official Poster For The 54th IFFI In Cannes 2023.

18th May, Cannes [France]: L. Murugan, Union Minister of State for Information & Broadcasting, presented the official poster for the upcoming 54th International Film Festival of India at the Indian Pavilion in Cannes 2023 on Wednesday.

The poster concept for India's 54th IFFI centres around a primary image of a peacock surrounded by a mesmerising portrayal of cinema, arts, textiles, and Indian language scripts. This aesthetically stunning composition encapsulates the joy and wonder of cinema and urges viewers to celebrate India's unique cultural heritage.

The poster serves as a vibrant invitation to immerse oneself in the world of Indian cinema and experience the power of storytelling through different artistic mediums. The theme for the festival is "Celebrate the Joy of Cinema." This theme highlights the immense happiness, excitement, and inspiration that cinema brings to people's lives. It aims to showcase the diversity and richness of Indian culture through the lens of cinema, arts, millets, textiles, and Indian scripts.

The festival poster features a majestic peacock at the centre, exuding beauty, and elegance. The peacock's vibrant feathers serve as a canvas to showcase the rich tapestry of Indian cinema, and culture through arts, millets, textiles, and Indian scripts. Stills of several big Indian films like 'Kantara', 'RRR', 'Mom', 'Tanhaji', 'Ponniyin Selvan' and 'The Lunch Box' could be seen on the poster.


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