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There have been many content creators on social media with upbeat content and storytelling videos, but only a few of them stand out with their unique and risk-taking style of entertaining their audience. Tirth Parsana, known for his unique personality and comedy content, is one such name that has gained popularity on social media.

Swati Bhat

Starting his journey at the tender age of 14, Tirth had to overcome several obstacles in order to earn a place in the hearts of his fans. While his Instagram accounts were suspended three times, the creator never gave up or failed to prove himself, growing each time with more followers than before, due to his hard work and dedication.

He has been creating content in various forms; his first channel was in English and Hindi, and his second channel was in Gujarati, his mother tongue. The young aspiring creator who rose to fame on social media with his silent videos made his audience laugh, smile, and gasp without saying a single word! Now, his focus is on creating content that can be consumed globally. In response to his fans' requests, he has created three songs that are available on Spotify and speak to his heart through the songs. He is also passionate about boxing and aspires to be the first to introduce influencer boxing to India, a new concept that combines fitness, entertainment, and social media. He has challenged a few influencers and sincerely hope that this will also work in his best interest.

Tirth communiqué about his rollercoaster journey, saying,"I have always learned to rise with more and more up during the difficult times," Tirth said of his rollercoaster journey. I'm doing what I love and will continue to do so no matter what. I have a lot of goals I want to accomplish, and I'm putting all of my energy into it. I always hope that my fans and followers will continue to support me in the same way. "I am thankful for what I have."


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