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The figure-hugging maxi is an in thing of the week

The figure-hugging maxi is a dress type that can be worn in any season and comes in a range of styles to suit a variety of events. The silhouette is flattering for both the fashion-forward customer and those seeking comfort.

Swati Bhat

The figure-hugging maxi, so named for its ability to wrap around the body in a flattering fashion, has to be the dress silhouette of the year. The dress itself is frequently elasticated, allowing it to mould itself to the form it sits on, and it reaches down to the ankles, either flaring out or remaining skin tight. Other variants of this dress style have included cut-out panels, ruched detailings, or slits around the leg, providing the look variety depending on the customer's preferences.

As the eveningwear and eventwear categories regain steam, dresses have risen to become the leading garment in this market. This means that figure-hugging maxis have begun to lead the way, providing an alternate dress style for individuals who need to attend parties in the coming months. While this is a big element of such a silhouette, many of these maxis also come in simple versions, allowing them to be worn in a casual setting and incorporating them into the daywear wardrobe as an elevated staple throughout the year.

Designers experimented with this highly adaptable form on the runway, with several displaying a variety of versions of what a figure hugging maxi could be. Givenchy was one that genuinely embraced creativity, displaying everything from bright printed turtle neck knits to clean cut simple black gowns that swept the floor. Jil Sander, too, blurred the borders with a form-fitting maxi in both fluffy metallic fabrics and pastel tones. Meanwhile, at Giorgio Armani and Dolce & Gabbana, the maxi dress was firmly rooted in evening wear, either in sheeny metallics or in a sheer stretch fabric inspired by lingerie.

The figure-hugging maxi is a look that can be worn alone in the spring and summer, simply paired with layered necklaces and a handbag to complete the look. The dress pairs well with a variety of shoe styles depending on the time of day, with trainers fitting just as well as strappy sandals, making it occasion-appropriate. If you plan to wear the dress in the cooler months, pair it with under- or over layers like a turtleneck sweater or an oversized knit. A long-line coat, such as a trench style or leather-like pea jacket, can also be worn here. Finish the ensemble with clunky boots throughout the day or pointed heels at night.

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