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The Cover Art Of Latest Album "Remembering" Is An Unique Tribute - Know How?

'Unity in Art is a wholesome game!' the album art for the latest announcement, "Remembering," demonstrates this.

An unique art work of album "Remembering" by Siddharth SK Kulkarni

Official Cover Art of the album "Remembering"

The album artwork for "Remembering" is a stunning and touching depiction of the themes of strength in togetherness and sadness. The wilting flower symbolises the loss of loved ones, while the ethereal vision of its fullness symbolises the optimism that their memory will live on. The dark forest in the background represents the challenges of life after loss, but the brilliance of the flower provides a passage through the darkness.

Decoding Cover Art:

The fact that the man in the artwork, is a mix up of the various facial features of all of the album's key artists is a great approach to illustrate how loss can bring people together. Each of the album's primary artists has lost a loved one while working on it. It acts as a reminder that we are all intertwined and can find strength in each other's company.

The inventive use of AI-generated and hand-drawn parts in the artwork demonstrates the artist's skill and vision. It is a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable work of art that perfectly portrays the album's feelings. The "Remembering" artwork is a striking and emotional homage to those who have lost their dear ones. It serves as a reminder that while loss is unavoidable in life, hope and love may help us get through the darkest of times.

Decoding Cover Face:

The face represents-

Prithvi's chipped tooth [Prithviraj Jadhav: Guitars and arrangements on "Fighter"]

Swapnil's nose ring [Swapnil Kulkarni: Producer of "MaanasShaastra"]

Suyash's ear studs [Suyash Kelkar: Producer of 4 songs (composing, arranging, mixing)

"Rap Tere Baap Ka", "Duradrishti", "Totem Pole", "Flow" {some released and some yet to release under the same album} ]

SK's beard. [Siddharth 'SK' Kulkarni: Rapper, lyricist on all songs, Producer, composer and arranger on different tracks]

The creator of the artwork, Shruti Bhise, got very creative with her method this particular time - she used a mix of AI-generated and manually drawn elements to compose this piece.

Additional Valuable Names:

Omkar Pradhan: Composing and keyboards on 4 songs

"Rap Tere Baap Ka"


"Totem Pole"


Ishaan Devasthali: Mixing/mastering of "Fighter"

Shamalee Narappanawar: Chorus vocals on "Duradrishti"

The album "Remembering" is distributed worldwide by Lucky Horze on 300+ global platforms.

Various songs from the album is also available as a Caller tune and Ringtone for Airtel, VI, Jio, B.S.N.L. and M.T.N.L. networks.

Click on any above given symbols to listen to the songs

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Amazing work guys!

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