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Sonam Kapoor proves that she is the queen of red carpet looks!

Jeddah [Saudi Arabia], December 3: Sonam Kapoor may have been out of the glam and glitz of attending red-carpet events for a while, but her recent appearance at the Red Sea International film festival suffices for it!

Swati Bhat

Sonam recently walked the red carpet of the ongoing Red Sea International film festival in Saudi Arabia's Jeddah and she looked stunningly beautiful.

Sonam matched the red carpet in a Rami Kadi Couture evening gown.

The actress wore a chic crimson gown that she paired with a cape. She also wore Chopard statement jewellery to complete her look.

Sonam also attended the Vanity Fair dinner where she looked equally stunning and lovely in a yellow Sara Mrad evening gown. Sharing her photos, Sonam's sister Rhea Kapoor wrote, "And my favourite moment in a long time, Sonam Kapoor in the very talented Saramrad for Chopard at the Vanity Fair dinner."

Sonam has been out of the media glare for some time owing to her pregnancy.


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