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Shyam Benegal inaugurates Satyajit Ray’s Gallery at National Museum of Indian Cinema

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 02: Gallery exhibits Ray’s Films, his Books and his Posters- Satyajit Ray Film Festival organized across the country to mark his 101st birth anniversary

Swati Bhat

Pic Courtesy: Press Information Bureau, Mumbai

Veteran Film Maker Shyam Benegal today inaugurated the Satyajit Ray’s semi-permanent Gallery at the National Museum of Indian Cinema (NMIC) in Mumbai and marked the beginning of the three-day Satyajit Ray Film Festival across the country.

Do you want to have Schedule of Film Festival? If yes, than download it from below given link
Schedule of Satyajit Ray Film Festival
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Speaking about Ray, who Shyam Benegal himself admires and claims as his inspiration to the film world, the master director said that, “Everybody recognized Indian Cinema because of Ray. There is no one in the world who doesn’t know who Ray was. You utter his name even in any West African country – they will know him well.”

Pic Courtesy: Press Information Bureau, Mumbai

Appreciating the portrayal of the many talents of the legend through the exhibition, Shyam Benegal said, “Satyajit Ray was not just a film maker, but a multifaceted genius who made his own posters, story-boards, even the titles of his films.” He further remarked that “the exhibition is very well curated and I find the design wonderful. One who visits the exhibition will get an idea of what kind of filmmaker Ray was.”

As one enters the exhibition, a lifelike hyper-realistic statue of Ray in characteristic posture of piercingly looking at the world over the camera welcomes the visitors.

One can interactively explore Ray’s filmography and get an actual glimpse of many of his scenes that have gone into the tomes of filmmaking. Besides getting an overview of the world of the filmmaker one can also appreciate how, by adopting classic literature in films, he himself transformed in to an auteur. The exhibition beautifully exhibits his films, books and his illustrious career as an illustrator as well.

Ray created a psychedelic Ghost - dance in his film Goopy Gayn Bagha Bayn and you see these ghosts floating in air here atop the World of Goopy Bagha which is a technical and artistic marvel as well as political satire. The exhibition helps the visitors to discover the legend who was lovingly called as ‘Manik Da’ and the jewels from his world, he left for us 30 years ago.


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