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Randeep Hooda, Jay Patel sponsor skater Vishwaraj Jadeja for World Cup 2022

Mumbai [India], August 4: Fortune favours the brave and in this case, it has favoured India's first-ever skater, Vishwaraj Jadeja who will be representing India at the World Cup 2022. Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda, who is also called the Biopic Man has come forward to support Vishwaraj along with entrepreneur and philanthropist Jay Patel.

Swati Bhat

Vishwaraj comes from a family who are rich in sports with various medals and trophies won by them at a National level. Growing up watching them, Vishwaraj decided to walk on the same route. It is sad to say this but Vishawaraj took up a sport that had very little scope in a country that breathes and lives cricket. He did not stop but kept on shifting his bases from Ahmedabad to Denmark, to the Netherlands, and to the Himalayas. He toiled hard over the years to work on the skill that made him secure an elongated list of trophies and have his name in the book of records. The 'Highway' actor has always been intrigued towards sports and the environment. Being an equestrian himself, Randeep has won the silver medal in the National Equestrian Championship in 2019 and many medals at different levels. He has also shared his desire to represent India at an international level someday. Randeep and Jay feel proud enough to recognize and sponsor a talent who is also the pride of India. Randeep who is also an athlete himself has a strong point that he has kept forward. He has observed how athletes are only supported during a Commonwealth or an Olympic season. He is happy to see people celebrating their win but is also upset with how the sustainability just doesn't remain the same. Randeep wishes to change that. In a country, where glamour and attention are diverted towards cricket, it's good to see celebrities coming forward and are bringing talents and sports such as speed skating, ice skating, snowboarding etc in limelight. In an interview, Randeep shared, "When I heard his inspirational story and his achievements, fighting a lone battle to put India on the world map for this sport, Jay and I felt that we must help him further his dream for our country. I wish him to reach that zenith of his sport and inspire others on the way. I also feel more and more people should come and support sports and sportsman, if they can and not leave all upto the government." Jadeja has represented India over 200 times and has over 65 national records. The list of his achievements continues but his journey is no less than an inspiring one. Currently, Jadeja has been trained by coach Wim Nieuwenhuizen who agreed to coach him looking at his passion towards the sport and the fire in his belly, to make India proud. On the work front, Randeep will be seen in his upcoming film, 'Swatantra Veer Savarkar'. The film is a biopic of freedom fighter Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, popularly known as Veer Savarkar. The film will soon go into production. Mahesh Manjrekar will direct the film.

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