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One Immortl works to change the meaning of NFT ownership

MUNICH, Germany , Aug. 12 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE): The One Immortl team has developed a series of NFTs that they say will reduce transaction fees when trading using their wallet platform.

By owning an Anubis Series NFT, investors will see a reduction in gas fees, sometimes even making trading free, according to Denis Stolper, project owner of One Immortl and CEO of One Nation Cafes. “What makes this offering unique is that we’re giving NFTs more and more functionality. We’re showing the world that NFTs are far more than GIFs and art,” said Stolper.

The associated art in the series depicts Anubis, the Egyptian Jackal-headed deity. Their first mint session of 100 is taking place on Aug. 14 on Opensea. One Immortl owners and developers said they are offering extra incentives for being amongst the first batch of NFT owners. “Holders of the first 100 Anubis NFTs will automatically qualify for the Immortl Genesis Program,” Stolper said. “Immortl makes it a point to always build upon services for our genesis community, offering them VIP status,” Stolper remarked during an ask-me-anything session. Promised incentives include reduced transaction fees when using the One Immortl wallet and access to higher reward tiers. One Immortl is currently trading on Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and Harmony. Trading is also available using SafemoonSwap.

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