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On The New Single 'DRUMS,' JAMES HYPE Joins Forces With International Megastar KIM PETRAS.



Swati Bhat

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British DJ-producer James Hype has collaborated with GRAMMY-winning superstar Kim Petras on the new track 'Drums,' which is out now via The Cross/Island Records.

The single arrives as Hype wraps off his final 'Our House' residency set at H Ibiza, alongside Italian DJ group and label colleagues MEDUZA, where he played to hundreds of thousands of ravers throughout September.

'Drums' is a brilliant reworking of the instantly familiar Justin Timberlake classic 'Like I Love You,' heightened further by Petras' enticing vocal. This four-to-the-floor hymn is a production masterclass in cutting back to the fundamentals and is an instant set staple.

James' communiqué on the new single: “I came up with the idea for ‘Drums’ in 2019. It was an instrumental called 'Everybody Dance', which I played in my sets. The Hypefam heard it and not only demanded I release it, they had already renamed it ‘Drums’ of their own accord! The song part was also written a few years ago with some good friends, who have worked with me in the studio quite a bit. Fast forward to 2023, I met Kim in LA and we got together to create this version of ‘Drums’ you hear now. We were also incredibly blessed to have Justin Timberlake agree to keep his original vocal, so this record feels incredibly special to me - Who does this?”

Hype has had a busy year, most notably with the release of 'Ferrari,' one of his biggest singles to date. Not only has the globally acclaimed dance record achieved one billion total streams, but it has also maintained international chart places, peaking at #6 in the UK singles charts.

Hype is probably one of the UK's most influential artists, with his productions often providing the foundation of dancefloors around the world, and his singles and remixes accumulating over two billion streams globally. However, these honors are overshadowed by his unrivaled skill and generation-inspiring DJing, which places him at the forefront of 21st-century live mixing.

This well-earned success, along with Hype's larger-than-life personality, has enabled him to frequently travel on a global scale, from the United States to Brazil, Australia to Ibiza, and beyond. He is one of the UK's most prolific remixers, with official remixes for Ed Sheeran, David Guetta, and MEDUZA, to mention a few.

'Drums' demonstrates Hype's talent at work. His ability to resurrect legendary records while keeping creative integrity is unrivaled. James Hype, drummer by name and drummer by nature, is at the pulsing core of dance music.

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