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Nike recently unveiled a new collection in collaboration with an Ambush designer Yoon Ahn.

Nike has released a new collection in collaboration with Ambush designer and longtime collaborator Yoon Ahn that explores femininity, fashion, and football fandom through nightlife-inspired clothes and footwear.

Nike x Ambush Collection official

Ahn injects a style-first approach to sports apparel, footwear, and culture with the Nike x Ambush collection, sparking a conversation that keeps sport front and center while elevating fashion and self-expression with items that can transport the wearer from the pitch to the dancefloor.

"Fashion is an incredibly powerful form of self-expression — it can be used to express identity, beliefs, and personal style," Ahn writes in a statement. "This collection has diverse elements that you can dress up and down to express masculine and femme energy through the eye of sport, and I'm excited to see how people will create their own unique style interpretations with the pieces."


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