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New Single "HANA" From Japan Born Singer / Songwriter Fujii Kaze

New music by singer Fujii Kaze is available now, titled "Hana." The "Ichiban Sukina Hana" TV drama's "Hana" official theme tune, "Hana," was made available by Universal Music LLC.


After the first episode, "Hana," the theme song for the October 12 at 10 p.m. on Fuji Television drama "Ichiban Sukina Hana," was no longer available digitally.

This is Kaze Fujii's most recent single, and it was created by A.G. Cook, who has previously worked on songs for Beyoncé and Charli XCX. The sound producer for the song "Workin' Hard" before it was Dahi, who had previously collaborated with SZA and Kendrick Lamar. Hip-hop sounds took center stage in this brand-new, creative song. The first single of 2023, which was developed with the knowledge that it was his third debut song, is followed by this new release.

"I felt that the main characters in this story were searching for answers to many questions in their lives," Kaze said to his fans about writing the song. I believe that many readers can relate to characters, therefore I decided to join them in their quest for understanding. Then, I believe I was guided to write my most simple and unadulterated song to yet.

I am sincerely appreciative of this priceless chance. As a viewer and, secretly, as a friend, I am quite interested in learning what type of story awaits them and what they will discover.


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