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Motorola's Razr 3 foldable smartphone might have bigger screens

Washington [US], May 16: In the past couple of months Motorola's upcoming Razr 3 foldable phone has been a subject of leaks and along with new hardware, the handset will probably offer an overhauled design as well.

Swati Bhat

However, according to GSM Arena, the same clam shell form factor from the previous generation is still expected. The outlet reported that the device will have a big screen cover, around the 3.0" mark, which is a decent upgrade over the 2.7" screen found on the Razr 5G. Additionally, the primary, foldable display will grow to 6.7" from 6.2".

Unlike its predecessor, the Razr 3 will be running more powerful hardware suitable for a proper flagship phone. At least according to a report from January citing that the phone will sport a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and a 120Hz panel, as per GSM Arena.

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