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Meta COO Sheryl Sandberg steps down

Mumbai (India), June 07: Meta Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg is to step down from the social media company she managed with founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Pritish Bagdi

Her 14-year tenure marks an end to an era, one where Facebook rose into the global collective consciousness and helped drive the fashion industry’s shift to digital.

Sandberg, who will remain on Meta’s board, is credited with monetising Facebook and its offshoots, turning Web traffic into cash.

Many fashion brands have long relied on Facebook and Instagram to boost their e-commerce sales, even direct sales from both channels. With millions of monthly advertisers, Meta was generating 6 billion dollars monthly in 2020.

Sandberg’s near 15 years at Facebook didn’t go without controversies, however, particularly those around privacy and content moderation. A backlash in 2020 saw many fashion companies, including Patagonia and The North Face pause advertising.

Javier Olivan will take over Sandberg’s role of COO.


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