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Manish Malhotra hosts the first "Fashion Soiree" ever.

Manish Malhotra, a fashion designer, presented his newest men's and women's occasion and wedding dress collection, "Khaab Couture," during his first-ever "Fashion Soiree." The occasion also honoured Manish Malhotra's flagship store in New Delhi's ninth year in business.

Swati Bhat

The company declared on Facebook on December 14 that it was hosting "India's first ever Fashion Soiree," which was "hosted by our trailblazing founder and reformer, Manish Malhotra sets the stage for a high aesthetic experience to celebrate nine years of the Manish Malhotra flagship store Delhi with cocktails and couture representation where intricate craft, zeitgeist artistry, and youthful hues dominate the evening."

While customers enjoyed the festive ambiance, models walked the runway in the Delhi flagship shop. Some women's event wear outfits showed bare skin and lavish glitter decorations, while other outfits sparkled just as much but were covered up in kaftan-like fashions. More pastel-colored gowns gave the event a more youthful vibe, while silver, white, emerald green, and black created a rich colour palette.

For the men, a sparkling collar or tie-neck shirt, or more extravagant details like white lace and enormous bows, elevated elegant black suits. The women's bridal ensemble from the collection included layers of sheer, ruffled fabrics, a voluminous lehenga, and a dazzling blouse that shone from beneath.

Bollywood star Vaani Kapoor strutted down the catwalk in a crystal-encrusted top with eye-catching 3D, hand-encrusted, and crocheted shoulder ruffles. According to the brand's Facebook post, this was worn with an ivory narrow thread-work skirt and a trailing silk skirt that was layered over it and fastened with a hand-embellished pearl belt.


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