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Launch of "Flipverse" shopping by Flipkart on Metaverse

A new Metaverse feature called "Flipverse" has been introduced by Flipkart. Users are now able to buy three-dimensional virtual objects through the latest launch of the Walmart-owned e-commerce giant.

Pritish Bagdi

For the initial launch of Flipverse, Flipkart has teamed with over 15 brands to produce almost 100 virtual products, according to ET Tech. In the initial phase, brands like Puma, Noise, Ajmal Perfumes, Nivea, Lavie, Tokyo Talkies, Campus, Himalaya, and Butterfly India will sell virtual goods on the platform.

According to Flipkart Labs vice president and head of product planning and deployment Naren Ravula, "the future growth of e-commerce will be affected by the immersive technologies of today," and "Metaverse is one of the biggest revolutions in this sector with great promise."

The company has teamed together with Web3 businesses like Polygon, Guardian Link, and eDao to develop Flipverse. Brands will present goods, deals, and collectibles in the project's initial phase in digital product categories like apparel, cosmetics, wearable tech, sportswear, and others.

Android phone owners will have initial access to the Flipverse. The company recently allowed customers access to digital treasures at the conclusion of a 10-day holiday sale, giving them a taste of this technology.

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