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'King Kong' live-action series in works

Washington [US], August 25: A live-action series based on "King Kong" is in works at Disney+.

Swati Bhat

As per Variety, the series would be a serialized drama that would explore Kong's origins as well as the mysteries of his home, Skull Island. The series would be based on the original "King Kong" written by Merian C. Cooper as well as new novelizations by artist Joe DeVito produced in conjunction with Cooper's estate. Stephany Folsom, who recently developed the Amazon series "Paper Girls" for television, will write and executive produce the King Kong show. James Wan, Michael Clear and Rob Hackett will also executive produce on behalf of Atomic Monster along with Dannie Festa for World Builder Entertainment. Disney Branded Television will produce.

The original "King Kong" film was released in 1933 and became an instant hit. The character has been used in numerous films to date, most recently in the Legendary-Warner Bros. Monsterverse films including "Kong: Skull Island" and "Godzilla vs. Kong."

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