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Kim Kardashian's comment on eating faeces to look younger draws immense trolling

Washington [US], June 03 : American media personality Kim Kardashian, in an interview with The New York Times, has made a bizarre statement saying that she would readily eat faeces if that helped her to look young.

"I'll try anything," the 41-year-old Kardashian spoke in the interview which was published on Wednesday. "If you told me that I literally had to eat poop every single day and I would look younger, I might. I just might," added Kim, as reported by Page Six. Naturally, Kim's statement drew in a lot of trolling on social media. "Why do I feel this means she already has," commented one Instagram user. "How much poop is the question." Quoting, the reality TV star, Kim, a Twitter user wrote, "This is a mental disorder."

"I guess it doesn't surprise me that Kim Kardashian said she would eat poop to stay young because I assume she has already done so much worse." criticised a third Twitter user.

According to Page Six, Kim's comment came soon after she announced her skincare line Skkn, would be launched in the latter half of this month. "Is poop the active ingredient in SKKN???" wrote an Instagram user. Meanwhile, amid the divorce between Kim and American rapper Kanye West, Kim's other beauty lines comprising KKW Fragrance brands and KKW Beauty are undergoing rebranding.

Kardashian was married to West for nearly seven years before she filed for divorce. Although the former couple's custody battle is ongoing, she was declared legally single in March. Kim is currently dating, comedian-actor Pete Davidson. Davidson and Kardashian have been putting their relationship on display. In April, they made their red carpet debut at the White House Correspondent's Dinner. Davidson then also supported his girlfriend at Hulu's premiere of 'The Kardashians' this month.


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