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Jennifer Aniston supports the WGA strike.

Jennifer Aniston, an actress, has joined the celebrities who have openly stated their support for the Writers Guild Association (WGA) strike over claimed unfair treatment of writers.

Swati Bhat

Jennifer from the 'Friends' show posted about the protest on her Instagram account. Anniston posted a series of Instagram stories on the strike.

Anniston's first social media post was of a video of ex-co-star Lisa Kudrow. Lisa can be seen in the video praising the writers one by one for writing the excellent script for the actress.

Jennifer posted a great post with all you need to know about the WGA strike. The essay delves into the laws that must be followed in order to support the union, the cause for the strike, how authors are not being paid in full, and how streaming has impacted the compensation structure in the business.

The actress's most recent tale included a satirical tweet regarding the question writers have been asked about the strike. The tweet also cited the massive number of 11,000 writers who left signed contracts in order for the strike to succeed.

According to Deadline, a US-based media outlet, a meeting of top showrunners took place on Sunday, a day after leading production firms including Paramount, Disney, and Warner Bros urged them to handle all other production-related responsibilities that do not come with financing. According to reports, renowned Hollywood celebrities such as Pete Davidson and Mark Ruffalo supported the strike, which is fighting for writers who are underpaid by production companies.

Despite the fact that the hosts of popular talk shows under the name of 'Late Night' shows are among the other projects that would be badly impacted by Hollywood writers going on strike, the writers have decided to receive free lunches.

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