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ix Capital to invest 562 million euros in Web3 creative startups

June 29: Felix Capital, a London-based venture capital firm for the creative class, said it would invest 562 million euros to back Web3 startups.

The investments would include fashion businesses who are operating in the Metaverse, with 20-25 companies across Europe and selectively in North America, expected to receive funding.

Current investments include Farfetch, Unmade and Goop, as well as smaller companies like Mejuri, a jewellery business, and LA fashion brand Anine Bing. Felix' funding aims to support entrepreneurs with big ideas to help them build strong brands that stand out and move the world forward.

Felix’s founder and managing partner Frederic Court said in a statement: “We have built a portfolio in line with that strategy, backing emerging and culturally relevant consumer brands, as well as related enabling technologies that support them. We are proud of the growing community of founders who have trusted us, as we expanded our thematic lens across the transformation of the key segments of our personal and professional lives.”

Felix Capital focuses on digital commerce, creative culture and connected life. They typically invest 1 million to 10 million dollars in early stage fundraising fundraising rounds and up to 50 million dollars in growth phases.


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