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India will play a significant role in the G20's technology industry

Mumbai [India], 14 january: In the area of technology, India's G20 presidency will be extremely important. It has a big part to play in closing the digital gap since it places a lot of emphasis on technology and advancements.

The notion of data for development would be a central component of the overarching theme of India's presidency of the group of the world's developed and emerging economies, according to Harsh Shringla, India's chief coordinator for the G20.

Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, and the European Union are all members of the G20. When it comes to enhancing access to healthcare and nutrition, Shringla argued that it's critical to concentrate on the advantages that technical advancement and evidence-based policy may offer. He added that India has also suggested a brand-new engagement group called "Startup 20" that aims to give startups from various nations the chance to work together.

A strong startup ecosystem teeming with innovative ideas and skilled businesspeople can be found in India. has more than 100 privately held firms valued more than $1 billion, or "unicorns." India now has the chance to bring its digital revolution to low- and middle-income nations, which still experience a sizable digital divide, as the G20 president. The G20 Global Digital Innovation Alliance and the Stay Safe Online campaign were introduced by India's Minister of Communications, Electronics, and Information Technology, Ashwini Vaishnaw, to kick off India's G20 participation in the digital economy. According to Shringla, these two presentations highlighted two of the most crucial issues and serious risks that the modern digital world presents: cyber security and the enormous potential of our startups.

India has invited a wide range of non-member countries and international organisations to take part in the event as the world's attention turns to it for the impending G20 meeting. The Netherlands, Bangladesh, Egypt, Mauritius, Oman, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates are a few of these. The G20 process incorporates a number of international institutions in addition to these invited nations, according to NewsonAir, including the United Nations, the World Bank, and the World Trade Organization. The International Solar Alliance, the Coalition of Disaster Resistant Infrastructure, and the Asian Development Bank have all received invites from India to attend as distinguished guests.

India is well-positioned to lead the G20 in debates on innovation and investment as a country with a robust startup environment and a strong focus on technology.

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