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In February, the largest salad brand in India, SaladO, will launch kiosks across the country.

Mumbai [India], January 31: The largest salad brand in India, SaladO, is now developing a kiosk concept after growing its franchise network to include more than 180 cloud kitchens.

Swati Bhat

The FOCO & COCO Model, which represents the plan, will be unveiled starting in the first week of February. The company intends to disrupt the salad market in India by launching tiny kiosks in prominent areas there as part of its kiosk model plan.

The dynamics of retail food manufacturers and food aggregators like Zomato and Swiggy have changed the nuts and bolts of the retail food industry since the start of the pandemic. Even the largest food companies think there may be better options than opening massive QSRs or restaurants. Complete CapEx is thrown out the window if a brand doesn't live up to business expectations. This has prompted the majority of current food industry brands, including SaladO, to develop novel concepts for retail food establishments, such the introduction of the SaladO kiosk format.

The largest salad brand in India is currently developing tiny kiosk settings where it would provide the best inexpensive salads at popular places like corporate parks, hospitals, malls, and other busy areas with a delectable taste. After just one day of training, it will be easy for newbies to learn how to prepare these salads. The cost to set up these kiosks will be in the range of 2.5 to 5 lakhs, and the break-even point is anticipated within the first six months of operation. If a site doesn't match business needs, moving these kiosks to another place is also a simple process.

According to, the market for salads was estimated to be worth USD 10.78 in 2020 and is projected to increase by 8.2% from 2021 to 2028. There is a tremendous gap to be filled because there are so few market participants in such a large market. The disparity between brands that can offer salads in the range of Rs 60 - 200 is much bigger because there aren't many organised players in the market that sell salads for Rs 250 and higher. SaladO enters the picture in this situation.

As the Foundry handed over its franchise to women operating from homes, keeping the kitchen open for more than 6 hours a day became a problem as most customers could not get their hands on the product. So, we started looking for franchisees who could remain operative 8 to 10 hours a day. And, that's when we came up with the kiosk model plan, says the Foundry. In order to address the aforementioned issues, SaladO is introducing the kiosk model in high-traffic areas throughout all metros. We would target either company-operated kitchens or powerful franchise partners in Tier B cities, added the Founder of SaladO.

SaladO is currently close to finalising its agreement with the significant Al-Madina Group, which is based in the UAE and controls more than 20 restaurants there. One of the top salad brands in India, SaladO, aspires to grow its business by forming reliable international alliances. By 2025, it also intends to list its business on the NSE and BSE. Please email for additional details.


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