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'I'm so happy for her': Katy Perry shares wishes for new mom Rihanna

Washington [US], May 25: American singer and songwriter Katy Perry recently shared some words of wisdom for first-time mom Rihanna, who welcomed her baby boy with boyfriend A$AP Rocky on May 19.

Swati Bhat

While talking to E! News about Rihanna, Perry said, "I'm so happy for her and congratulations. I know that this time is so precious and it's just like a gorgeous, cosy time. It's a beautiful, magical time, so soak it all in." The 'Dark Horse' singer had previously called becoming a parent to daughter Daisy Dove Bloom, 1, with fiancé Orlando Bloom "the best decision I was ever able to make." Rihanna's pregnancy first came into the public eye back in late January after images emerged of her proudly displaying the baby bump as she strolled on the streets of Harlem with Rocky. Rihanna and Rocky have been dating since early 2020.

They went public with their romance in November of that same year. In April 2022, there had been rumors about the rapper cheating on her but were later found to be false, as per Page Six.


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