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HUGE REVEAL Discover the reason Hugh Jackman did not utilise steroids to become Wolverine.

Washington [US], January 10: You did read that correctly. It's no longer a secret. Hugh Jackman bulked up to play the renowned Wolverine in several "X-Men" films, but he just confessed to Chris Wallace on HBO's "Who's Talking to Chris Wallace" that he never utilised steroids to transform into the role.

"People have questioned if he juiced over the years." Wallace questioned in a report that Variety cited. Has he used steroids?

"No, I adore what I do. I also adore Wolverine "stated Jackman. "I should use caution in what I write here, but I've been told anecdotally what the consequences of that are. I said, "I don't enjoy it that much," in response. So no, I just went the traditional route. I'm sorry to all the vegans, vegetarians, and chickens in the world since I've eaten more chickens than I should have. My karma is not good, to put it bluntly. I'm in trouble if the deity has anything to do with chickens."

In other sections of the interview, Jackman admitted that he mistakenly studied wolves after accepting the role prior to 2000's "X-Men," according to Variety, a US-based news source. ' Jackman admitted, "I had never read the comic book. "The role was mine. I didn't have much knowledge about... I didn't since wolverines are not found in Australia. I had no idea that was a genuine animal. I was unfamiliar with wolverines. I believed it to be a fictional creature. He's got steel-man hands, you know, made up. I happened to walk by the Imax, where they were showing this wolf documentary, as I was completing my practise. And I thought, "Perfect," since I obviously have wolf parts."

So I arrived on set performing all these wolf moves when the director said, "What are you doing?" As he continued, Jackman recalled, "And I replied, 'Well, I was just thinking wolves are usually looking like this because they're genuinely smelling, they've got their nose to the ground. They appear like this constantly for that reason. "What do you mean a wolf," he responds. He responded, "No, you're a wolverine," when I remarked, "Well, you know, Wolverine — I'm part wolf so... "

According to a Variety story, Jackman will reprise his role as Wolverine in the upcoming Marvel movie "Deadpool 3." Production on the comic book blockbuster is expected to start in the spring once Jackman's run in "The Music Man" on Broadway is through.


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