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How to Attend the Global Startup Summit 2023 in Mumbai on February 4th?

The Global Startup Summit India Edition is just around the corner. The first leg of the premiere event, Global Startup Summit Mumbai Edition 2023, is scheduled for February 4 at The Orchid, Vile Parle, Mumbai. The one-day event is set to see India's biggest entrepreneurs, SMEs, content creators and influencers from various walks of life come under one roof to fuel India's startup ecosystem with their experience and knowledge. Registration is mandatory for the exclusive India edition of the event to be hosted on the 4th of February at The Orchid, Vile Parle, Mumbai.

Swati Bhat

The expert-led networking and funding event will also feature India's most popular influencers, content creators, and entrepreneurs. Raj Shamani, Founder, House of X & Figuring Out, Vatsal Kanakiya, 100X.VC, and Nikhil Kamath, Co-Founder, Zerodha are among those mentioned. Krishna Rana, Managing Director, Platinum Industries Pvt Ltd, Heena Purohit, Head of Products, IBM Incubation Labs USA, Anup Kapadia, Founder, Maireya Capital NBFC, Transformative Technologies, and Abhishek Goenka, RPSG Capital Ventures are among the key speakers and entrepreneurs.

A plethora of homegrown entrepreneurs and esteemed speakers will share their stories and inspire young business minds to encourage the Indian startup ecosystem and share insights closer to home. The panel will include Manoj Jain, Managing Director, RiskPro India Ventures, Arjun Vaidya, Founder, Dr. Vaidya & V3 Ventures, Shalabh Upadhyay, Founder, NEWJ, Ankit Machhar, Director, NEN Wadhwani Entrepreneur, Anil Joshi, Managing Partner, Unicorn India Ventures, Shivam Bajaj, CEO Avener Capital, Shubham Singhal, CEO, Dot Media, Devesh Rakhecha, Ex-Founder, Marwari Catalyst & Ex-Founder Yearbook Canvas, Apoorv Bhatnagar, Founder Plug Media and Aayushman Sinha, Founder, REPRESENT.

Many Indian brands have come on board as partners to help make the event a smashing success. The Gifting Partner will be Clickokart, and the Knowledge Partner will be Transformative Technologies, an investment banking firm. NEWJ is the Media Partner, and GreyT HR is the Human Resources Management System Partner. Platinum Industries serves as the Sessions Partner, TRC Corporation and RiskPro serve as Allied Partners, Editor Buddy serves as the Business Branding Partner, and MSME Talks serves as the podcast partner. The main attraction of the day is a Shark Tank-style funding event called STARTUP BATTLES, in which 20 startups will present their businesses to investors and the top three will be chosen to bring their dreams to life in front of the biggest investors and Venture Capitalists.

There will also be a ceremony to honour some of the most influential content creators in the fields of finance, business, startups, fashion, beauty, and e-commerce. The city's top ten startups will also be invited to the stage for recognition. CA is one of the most prestigious awards. Shreya Jaiswal (Fun-tastic Creator Finance), Ayush Wadhwa (Ace Creator), Deepak Pareek (Motivational Creator), Hitika Sachdev (Iconic Creator), Pranjali Singh (Illustrious Creator), Anjali Ranubhoj (Dynamic Creator), Digvijay Singh (Ace Creator - Fitness & Health), Dhristi Sharma (Education Creator), Caslynn Qu (Rising Star).

The event will be held at The Orchid International in Vile Parle, near the international airport. Global Startup Summit 2023 | Mumbai Edition aims to provide outstanding exposure and benefits such as branding, media placement, and access to our growing community of high-powered and upwardly mobile startup ecosystem stakeholders. Tickets are available for purchase at or through third-party platforms such as Events Titan, All events, and Paytm Insider.

Tickets Package as below:

Delegate Pass

Full-day access to GSS - Mumbai. Morning Tea / Coffee Networking Pass. Lunch pass for 1 (one). High Tea Pass. Access to the main stage with Fireside Chats, Mojo Talks, Panel Discussions, Startup Battles and Power Startup Awards.

Rs 3,250.00 (+ GST)

Startup Battle + Delegate Pass

Mojo Startup Battles Entry for Live Investor Pitching! Full-day access to GSS - Mumbai. Morning Tea / Coffee Networking Pass. 5 - Star Lunch pass for 1 (one). High Tea & Networking Pass. Access to the main stage with Fireside Chats, Mojo Talks, Panel Discussions, Startup Battles and Power Startup Awards.

Rs 6,500.00 (+ GST)


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