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Hollywood Foreign Press Association® announced three Indian voters for 81st Golden Globe Awards

HFPA adds 215 new international voters, three of them are from India. The total number of voters has increased to 310 for the upcoming 81st edition of the awards show.

Swati Bhat

Voting rights for the 81st Golden Globe Awards have been granted to veteran journalists and Film Critics Anupama Chopra, Narendra Bandabe, and Syed Siraj from India.

According to the HFPA, the voting body currently has representatives from 76 nations, including newcomers like Cameroon, Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Serbia, and Tanzania. The organisation reports that there are now 58 percent of varied voters, and the new ethnic breakdown is as follows: 25% of the population is Latinx, 14% are Asian, 10% are Black, 9% are Middle Eastern, and 42% are White. Furthermore, according to the HPFA, at least 17% of the electorate self-identifies as LGBTQ.

The organisation disclosed that 200 voters were part of the voting body for the 80th Golden Globe Awards, with 52% of them self-identifying as members of a varied ethnic group.

The HFPA also disclosed that as part of its efforts to be more open, international voters who reside outside the United States should be required to have validated entertainment journalism clippings from foreign media outlets, including print, broadcast, radio, photography, and online. The group says that the HFPA Credentials Committee, which is made up primarily of individuals from the outside, independent journalism and entertainment industries, vetted and approved these applications.

The 81st Golden Globe Awards will take place on Sunday, Jan. 7, 2024.

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